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​Music Videos

Here's a slide show of the song "The Heart Cloth" from The Fire in the Flint. It features the lovely vocals of Daya, and photos from Brian Luke Seaward's book A Beautiful World - the earth Songs Journals.

A video featuring some photos from Brian Luke Seaward's photography book, A Beautiful World - the Earth Songs Journals. Brian's a best-selling author and photographer, and while he was visiting my studio one day, I played him a piece of music I had written. He loved the piece, so I told him to send me some of his photographs and I would create a slide show.
A slide show with highlights from all the tracks on The Fire in the Flint
​"Always Remembering You" featuring Daya,
set to images that were unused from artwork on some of my previous CDs.

"Yilowe" featuring Marcel Adjibi. From John Adorney and Daya LIVE! In Concert
From our concert in Thousand Oaks, CA  August 2010
John Adorney's Listening Party October 2020
In this video , I'm discussing my album A Silver Thread, and also playing highlights from The Touch•Stone. Some samples from my concert at Borders Books and Music are also included.
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