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The Touch•Stone (2021) is the third and final installment of the Toward a Gentle Place series; Through the Waterfall, Under Sail, After the Rain, The Light That Lit the Dreams, The Touch•Stone, Kite and String. The Promise of Morning, Song of the Flowers, Lovely One, The Moth and the Lamp, On a Breeze So Gently, Dovesong, The Long Arc

A Silver Thread cover.tiff

A Silver Thread (2020); Where the Water Flows; A Strange Good Fortune; Beatus Vivere; Together Once More; The Weaver and the Loom; The Finest House of Time; If I Fall Asleep Again; Like a Lotus, Gentle Touch; In a Delicate Way; A Silver Thread; Contemplation; Stories Left Untold.


The Garland (2019) featuring Daya; An Open Door, Faithful Friend, The Clay Jug, Through the Halls of Time, Gardens and Groves, Look Up, Love Letters to the Wind, Effort and Mercy, A Leaf a Flower a Fruit, The Garland, Indivisible, A Tear and a Whisper, Papiha, Seeds of Peace

Invisible Songbird Cover.jpg

Invisible Songbird (2018) featuring Daya, Marcel Adjibi;  Drink the Water and Feed the Fire,Love Most Bright, A Single Sort of Love, Joyful, The Vow, Welcome Home, A Touch of Kindness, Windtrails on the Water, One Voice, Shadows and Light, Cascade, Rest You Well, Rags to Riches, The Persistence of Longing

     John Adorney

         and Daya

  LIVE! In Concert

available on DVD and CD:

John Adorney and Daya LIVE! In Concert (2011) featuring Daya, Marcel Adjibi, Richard Hardy, Fuzzbee Morse, Mike Fortunato,  Eduardo Del Signore, Cara Tower and others;  Find the Miracle, Neverending, Comme Le Vent, A Butterfly in the Well, Waiting for the Moon, Always Remembering You/The Other Shore, As My Heart Desires, Drifting, River of Breath, Yilowe, Even in Your Darkest Hour, The Gathering, Every Moment


Toward a Gentle Place (2017) Appreciation; Gentle Flow; The Sky Untied Her Hair; Everything is Breathing; Peace On Your Wings, Candle on the Sill; Like the Morning Precious and Fair; Among the Clouds; In Your Keeping; Warm Embrace

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A World Awakens (2016) featuring Daya, Randy Baltzell; Something Near Something Far, Dance of the Pauper King, Ashes to Blossom, The World Awakens, Come Little Butterfly, The Long Journey Home, And for All Time, The Nesting Place, The Wellspring, Love and Longing, No Earthly Dream, Caress of the Skies

The Wind Pearl (2015) featuring Daya, Marcel Adjibi; Returning, The Wind Pearl, This Wonderful Game, When the Moon is Always New, The Lily and the Bee, Little Bird, Another Beautiful World, Endless Caravan, Two Rivers, Into Knowing, Between the Stars

The Wonder Well (2014) featuring Daya; In Spiritus, Never Alone, The Wonder Well, At Home, Window to the West, If a Rose Could Speak, Unbounded, The Cup and the Veil, The Meeting Place, Heartstrings, Beautiful World

The Fire in the Flint (2012) featuring Daya, Marcel Adjibi, Richard Hardy; Endless Rain, The Fire in the Flint, Aliho Houn/The Path is Open, A Beggar's Fortune, The Heart Cloth, Sailing by Starlight, A Moment Noticed, Always Remembering You, Admiration (2012 mix), Dawn

The Fountain (2009) Featuring Daya, Marcel Adjibi, Richard Hardy; Safe Haven, The Fountain, Comme Le Vent, Feather on the Wind, Echoes of Thunder, Even in Your Darkest Hour, The Water Jar, Every Breath, An Ocean in the Drop, Silk and Stone, Turn Within

Trees of Gold (2006) featuring Daya, Marcel Adjibi, Fuzzbee Morse, Luke Tunney, Richard Hardy; Swept Away, Trees of Gold, Whisper, Arrival of the Guest, Yilowe, The Swing, Shades of Amber, Wind in the Forest, The Waterwheel, Man of the Red Earth


 All of John's music    is also available on   iTunes 

Waiting for the Moon ( 2004) featuring Daya, Richard Hardy; Always, The Potter's Gift, A Butterfly in the Well, In Bloom, The River's Secret, Waiting for the Moon, Unbroken, Flow of Love, The Dance, Mavoh Mavoh

The Other Shore (2002) featuring Daya, Richard Hardy; Free, The Other Shore, The Crossing, When the Flower Meets the Rain, As My Heart Desires, Kulan Tai Ulam (Heart of a Child), Thinking of You, Moonbird, Awakening, All in a Moment, Entranced

Beckoning  (1998)  featuring Daya, Richard Hardy; The Gift, Beckoning, The Gathering, solace, When Will I see You Again, Neverending, All is Well, Moving On, Aphelion, Celebration, Dance of the Moon and Stars

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