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The Music

In addition to my solo CDs through EverSound ...









... there are several other projects I've produced or contributed music to.  Here are some of those titles  (all released through the EverSound label, unless otherwise noted):


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Heart of the Wilderness (CD 2018) - by Randy Baltzell. This is an outstanding debut release by new EverSound artist Randy Baltzell. Randy's a great trumpet player and composer who played on the title track to my CD A World Awakens.

The Nature of the Game (CD 2017) - by Steve McPeters. Steve is an outstanding singer/songwriter who composes heartfelt songs in a guitar-based country/pop/rock style. I really enjoyed working on Steve's songs - and getting to play so much guitar!


Synesthetic (CD 2014) - by Nitish Kulkarni. The debut CD from an outstanding young instrumentalist. The music is contemporary, world-flavored, and very melodic. Nitish came to LA in the summer of 2014 to have me co-produce the album with him.


My Days On Earth (CD 2014) by Cadoan - great original Gypsy-flavored music by this local LA band. The music's a blend of Irish, Spanish, Indian and Middle Eastern flavors, recorded and mixed here in my LA studio.


The Envy of Stars (CD 2015) - by Chris MacVittie and Daya Rawat. Chris is an outstanding singer-songwriter who teams up here vocally with Daya, who has sung on all of my CDs.

The Artists of EverSound LIVE! (CD  2012) - this is the live CD of a concert we did in Santa Barbara, California in April 2012. It features many of the EverSound artists and friends.
River of Breath (EP 2002) - Daya sings on seven of the eight tracks here . . . many of these pieces have appeared on my solo CDs as instrumentals. The song lyrics are based on the words of Prem Rawat.
UR My Inspiration  ​(EP 2011) ​- this is an EP of 4 songs that I did remix versions of. It was fun taking these songs and making them something you can dance to.  The EP is available through the WOPG online store 

Tidings of Joy (CD 1998) - If you've never heard this CD, and you like holiday music at all, you should check it out.  The CD features the full slate of EverSound artists, and each one has done an outstanding interpretation of a song or carol. I contributed two tracks, both on which Daya's lovely vocals are featured:  "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "The First Noel."

EverSound Chillout (CD 2006) - A collection of heartfelt music with a "groove."  I contributed a track called "New Days," which has a more electronic sound than usually heard on my solo CDs.

Music to My Heart ( EP 2007) - These five tracks were designed for the listener to be able to enjoy some inspiration while driving in his or her car.  The EP is 20 minutes in length, and the music is fairly upbeat,  complimented by a few audio clips from addresses by Prem Rawat.  Available through the Words of Peace section of the EverSound website.

Reflections (CD 1998) - This was the first EverSound release, and it featured tracks by all the original ES artists.  I contributed three tracks, one of which was never included on any other CD - "Along the Path."

Best of Diane Arkenstone - This CD is a collection of some outstanding tracks from Diane's vast repertoire of music.  I produced with her the two new tracks for the CD, "Om Shanti" and "All is Bright."

Shadow Crossing and Everlasting - by Curtis Macdonald  -  Curtis composes with an elegance and intricacy in both his melodies and arrangements.  I helped him produce these, his first two solos CDs with EverSound.
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