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Jason Song in J Minor (2011)

Jason is a young man with autism that I have worked privately with for over 16 years. Every few years, I'll bring a recorder to our sessions and record his vocalizations, then put them to music.  This piece is based on a 7-note sequence that I came across while going through the recordings, and I was particularly impressed with the musicality of Jason's note sequence.

In one of the recorded sessions, I put the headphones on Jason so he could hear the recordings we had done that day. I had forgotten that there was an Indian-style rhythm on another track, so while he was hearing his voice, he was hearing it along with the Indian beat. He seemed to enjoy this quite a bit, which is why I created the piece of music in the video with an Indian-style groove underneath. Enjoy!

                                                         Jason in B-flat (2016)

Over the past few years, I've noticed that Jason's vocalizations tend to stay within a certain scale for most of the session. In this video, I took Jason's vocalizations and created a piece of music based on them. In this case, he stayed within the key of B-flat. Enjoy!

The Lotus Project Theme Song

This is a song I wrote as a theme song for the Lotus Project, and Daya was gracious enough to sing the vocal. Since recording the song, Daya has come and visited the women of the Lotus Project twice.
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