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Welcome to the “Behind the Music” section of my website. This is for those of you who would like to know more about the thoughts and processes behind making a CD or writing a particular piece of music, or to hear my thoughts about music in general. Music has been a big part of my life, and through my many years of doing music therapy, composing and teaching, I have seen music affect people in some amazing ways.

The story behind Even in Your Darkest Hour

I wrote this song for a dear friend who was experiencing a very difficult trauma in his life. He had always been a huge fan of my music, and when I saw him suffering so, I really wanted to do something to comfort him in his difficult time. I knew there wasn't much I could offer other than music, so I decided to write a song for him.


The next morning I was sitting quietly in my room thinking about it, and this song came to me. It was unique among all my music-writing experiences in that the song played in my mind from beginning to end, in real time -- every note, every word, the full arrangement, everything. It simply played in my head exactly as you hear it on the recording. It was the easiest song I ever recorded, because all I had to do was go into the studio and lay down the parts as I'd heard them playing in my head.


Daya was a mutual friend of this person, so I asked her if she would sing it so we could give it to him as a gift. She came into my studio the next day and laid down the beautiful vocals that you hear on the song. I then put it onto a CD and mailed it off to our friend. He later told me that it was the best gift he could ever have received.


Since that time, I have received numerous comments from people who have also been touched by the song and have been comforted in a difficult time by its message -- people with cancer, with a loved one in hospice, experiencing a personal tragedy -- this is what inspired me to give the song away and make it available to anyone, anywhere.


So once again, if you know anyone who you think would benefit from the song's message, please pass it along.  Thank you.

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