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Dear friends - 

First of all, let me say that I'm very excited about this new CD and I can't wait to share it with you! I've been working on these 12 tracks for almost a year, and I'm really eager for you to finally hear them.

As you probably know, most creative projects these days rely on the support of people who believe in the project and would like to see it come to fruition. For my last two CDs, I reached out through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, and people responded enthusiastically and with a lot of generosity. 

This time around, I would like to fund the CD right here through my website. This way, any money you give toward the project goes directly to support it, rather than having 9-10% going to pay for service fees.

And why, you ask, does a CD need crowdfunding these days? Well, let me give you an example: In the last 3 months of 2015, people listened to my piece Dance of the Moon and Stars for free on the internet 43,035 times. Total revenue in royalties: $6.98. The reality is that CD sales and downloads are on a steady decline, so most artists are no longer able to support themselves while making music. Most people now stream their music from the internet rather than buy it, so we are officially in the Age of Patronage!

If you contribute toward the campaign, of course you'll receive something in return. Below you'll find the

categories for contributions at different levels. When you click on a button for an amount, you will be directed to the EverSound website where your payment will be processed. Unlike Kickstarter, your payment will be processed immediately, so the money can go straight away to help fund the project.


   * And for something new, I've added a "make your own" donation category where you

suggest the amount and gift. If I agree to your suggestion -- we're on!

Help make a world awakens possible! Our goal: $10,000 

                           Contributions so far: $6,405 from 110 backers!  

Here's what the money will go toward:

  •   Manufacturing

  •   Mixing and mastering the CD

  •   The artwork

  •   Paying the hired musicians (trumpet, flute, oboe, pennywhistle and vocals)

  •   A few new pieces of studio equipment to help improve the sound of the recordings

  •   Any money raised over the goal amount will help support me during the process

If you missed them on the Home page, here are two videos I've made about the CD:

And now for the rewards  . . . 

For a contribution of:

$15 - You'll receive high-quality mp3s of the 12 tracks and a jpeg of the artwork.

$25 - You'll receive a hard copy of the CD.

$35 - You'll receive a signed (by John) copy of the CD, PLUS the mp3s.

$100 - You'll receive everything in the $35 category, PLUS mp3s of 5 songs from previous CDs, but with the vocals removed. Sometimes it's really worthwhile to hear what's going on behind the vocals!

$  NEW  Name that reward! - Here's your chance to name your price and your reward. Maybe you can only afford $3 and you'd just like a shout-out on Facebook; maybe you'd like to give $38 and would like the piano score to one of my pieces; perhaps you'd like to offer $149 for the CD and an hour-long skype session to discuss some music you're working on. You name the price and email your suggestion to me, and if I think it's something that sounds reasonable, we're on!

$300 - You will receive everything in the $100 category, plus you will be listed in the CD liner notes under the heading "This CD was made possible by the generous contribution of . . . ." Also, you will receive a link to a 20-minute video where I go into much more depth about the process of making the CD.

$1,000 - You are an Executive Producer of the CD! You'll be credited accordingly in the liner notes -- plus you can contact me anytime regarding anything music-related. And of course, you'll receive all of the gifts listed above.

$2,000 - You are an Executive Producer of the CD, and you'll receive all of the gifts listed above; PLUS: I will compose an original piece of music to your specifications for you to use however you like - a wedding, your website, a Youtube video you're working on, etc. 

                             Thank you!

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