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On  Sunday, October 18, from 11am-1pm I conducted a virtual Listening Party via Zoom. It was a great time, and people tuned in from all over the U.S, Canada and Europe. During the event, I played and discussed tracks from A SILVER THREAD, answered questions via live chat, and gave a sneak preview of some of the new music that I'm currently working on. I also showed few never-before seen videos 

from a live concert I did in 1999. 

       The Listening Party was recorded, so if you missed it, stay tuned, and I'll let you know when and where you can view the replay.

Check out a sample of all 14 new tracks on A Silver Thread. Just click on the video on the right:

In 2017, I released the original Toward a Gentle Place – it was after the election in America, and people were pretty stressed out. This year, with the election coming, and now with the coronavirus outbreak and the long-overdue attention to racial issues, 2020 is proving to be the most stressful year in memory for many people around the world.

The lockdown has given me plenty of unexpected time to work on volume 2 of Toward a Gentle Place, and I thought it would be a wonderful time to create some music that people might find comforting in these times. This version is called A Silver Thread, and it has 14 all-new tracks, sequenced to guide the listener to a more peaceful state of being. This kind of sequence is something that, in music therapy, we refer to as the iso principle.

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I created this video for a beautiful song written by my friend and fellow music therapist, Len Plick. "You Matter" is a heartfelt plea for us all to recognize the value of each and every human being. Making the video was a wonderful experience for me - seeing all the variety and beauty of our human family. Enjoy, and please pass it on!  ~ John

You Matter by Len Plick

I created videos for two of the tracks on my

new album, A Silver Thread. The first is a

piece called Beatus Vivere, which was

inspired by a piece by the 16th Century composer, Claudio Monteverdi. 

The second video is my interpretation of 

perhaps my favorite piece of music of all

time. It's the 3rd movement of a trio sonata

by G.F. Handel. It's such a beautiful melody,

I just had to bring it from the 18th Century to

the 21st Century. I hope you enjoy it as much

as I do.    ~ John

I am in the process of writing a book on music therapy.

The book will be a handbook for aspiring music therapists, music teachers, parents, and anyone who works with groups. In it, I will be sharing activities that I have developed over my 30 years in the field, and I'll be sharing my thoughts about how people who lead any kind of groups to treat the ones

they care for with dignity and respect. 

A Wonderful Evening with the Harrisons


On October 19th, my friend Sarah Brennan and I played some flute and cello music at the

Gala fundraiser for Achievable, an organization that provides health services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The evening was also honoring the humanitarian contributions of Olivia Harrison, George's widow, and her work with the Material World Charitable Foundation. 

We ended our set with an arrangement that I wrote for flute and cello of George's "Here

Comes the Sun." Pictured are from left: myself, Dhani and Olivia Harrison, and Sarah.

   Invisible Songbird
  Voted Best New Age Album of 2018 according             to the website newagemusic.guide. 

                 You Matter a song by Len Plick

Len is a fellow music therapist who also happens to be an outstanding singer/songwriter. He approached me last fall to produce this song for him, and I was more than happy to oblige. 

The song carries a heartfelt message: that each and every one of us matters.

                         Enjoy . . . 

"To say this album lives out its title is an understatement . . . one of Adorney's most purposeful and creative albums to date."

 ~ Michael Debbage, mainlypiano.com

  Toward a Gentle Place 

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I've created a new monthly email newsletter called JOHN ADORNEY Music Notes. The newsletter is my way of connecting with you in a more personal way (not through Facebook!). It's something meant for people who are interested in hearing about topics related to my music and my work in music therapy. 

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Dear friends,


Since its release in 2009, I have received many heartfelt emails from people who have been touched by this song during a time of difficulty in their life. Hearing these comments has inspired me to give the song away to anyone who thinks that they, or someone they know or love, would be comforted by its message.


And so I invite you to help yourself to this free download. You can listen to the song by hitting the play button in the blue box just to the left of here. To download an mp3 of the track, click the red down-pointing arrow near the top right of the blue box.


I have also created an accompanying video for the song, with versions featuring onscreen text in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese (with more to come).The video features beautiful nature photography by my brother, Thom Adorney. You can view the video by clicking below. Enjoy!