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 John Adorney 

Music and Music Therapy

The opening song from the live concert performed on August 21, 2010 in Thousand Oaks, California. You can see it now on Youtube by clicking the button below. Enjoy!

Music to My Heart, Volume 2

Recently I completed a 4-track EP of original music featuring excerpts of author Prem Rawat reading from the audio version of his book Hear Yourself. The quotes are wonderful, and it's always a fun challenge for me to combine music with the "music" of the spoken word. The EP is available at:

This is the second video in my new series where I discuss the making of my albums. This 30-minute video focuses on the making of my second album,

The Other Shore. Enjoy!

Recently a retrospective looking back at my 1998 debut album Beckoning was done on the website accompany that retrospective, I've created a 23- minute video in which I  discuss the making of the album. You can watch the video by clicking on the  left.

The Bells of Distant Stars Highlights 


Love and Joy featuring Daya

A new video for the opening tracks of the new album. It's called Love and Joy, and it features some beautiful vocals by Daya. 

The Bells of Distant Stars contains 11 new tracks, four of which feature beautifully layered vocals by Daya. It blends together traditional songs and melodies from various cultures and holidays and has an underlying message of celebration, hope and peace.


My hope is that it will be an album that can be enjoyed year-round. You can hear samples in the video above, and you can also read more about the making of the album by clicking on the The Bells of Distant Stars TAB at the top of the page.

You can purchase the album (CD or download) by visiting:

  The Bells of Distant Stars
A new video featuring the title track of the album:

     Listening Party for TheTouchStone Now on Youtube
If you missed the party on June 19th, you can view it now on Youtube. It's one hour and 38 minutes long, and it I play and discuss all the tracks from the new album. You can see me perform the title track live in my studio. I also premiere a new video for the track The Promise of Morning, and show some of my recent artwork. You can watch here (below), or when you click on the video, you can choose to watch on Youtube. Enjoy! 

My new album The TouchStone, the third installment of the Toward a Gentle Place series, is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Like the previous two volumes, the music is sequenced in a way that is meant to uplift, inspire, and to ultimately bring the listener to a more comforted place. If you'd like to hear samples of the music, just click on the video above. And if you'd like to purchase the download, you can do so here:


From the Listening Party: I'm performing the lead parts of the title track of

The Touch•Stone

live in studio.

The Promise of Morning from TheTouch•Stone 

set to beautiful nature footage.

             John's Piano Scores now available  

After being asked many times over the years, I've finally created a new piano score e-book of 22 pieces selected from my 14 albums. And there are a few other gifts that I'll continue to make available – you can check them out on the same page as the piano scores. The funds raised by these items will help finance future projects. 

You can check out the Piano Book at the GIFTS tab above, or click here:

square dona nobis thumb.jpg

I've arranged an instrumental version of the beautiful 16-century round, Dona Nobis Pacem ("Give us peace"), and I'd like you to have it. 2020 was a tough year for all of us, and I thought that it was a good time to offer a small gift. You can download the mp3 by clicking on the button below:



Music Notes - my monthly newsletter

I send out a free monthly email newsletter called Music Notes. The newsletter has been a wonderful way for me to connect in a more personal way with people who enjoy my music. It's meant for people who are interested in hearing about topics related to my music and my work in music therapy. In it, I talk about projects I'm working on, relate stories and experiences from my life in music and music therapy, answer questions, and more. If you'd like to receive Music Notes, please email me through the "Contact" tab at the top of this page. 

I created videos for two of the tracks on my
album A Silver Thread. The first is a
piece called Beatus Vivere, which was
inspired by a piece by the 16th Century composer, Claudio Monteverdi. 

The second video is my interpretation of 
perhaps my favorite piece of music of all
time. It's the 3rd movement of a trio sonata
by G.F. Handel. It's such a beautiful melody,
I just had to bring it from the 18th Century to
the 21st Century. I hope you enjoy it as much
as I do.    ~ John

I am in the process of writing a book on music therapy.

The book will be a handbook for aspiring music therapists, music teachers, parents, and anyone who works with groups. In it, I will be sharing activities that I have developed over my 30 years in the field, and I'll be sharing my thoughts about how people who lead any kind of groups to treat the ones

they care for with dignity and respect. 

A Wonderful Evening with the Harrisons


On October 19th, my friend Sarah Brennan and I played some flute and cello music at the

Gala fundraiser for Achievable, an organization that provides health services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The evening was also honoring the humanitarian contributions of Olivia Harrison, George's widow, and her work with the Material World Charitable Foundation. 

We ended our set with an arrangement that I wrote for flute and cello of George's "Here

Comes the Sun." Pictured are from left: myself, Dhani and Olivia Harrison, and Sarah.

John, Dhani, Sarah and Olivia  Crop.jpg
ISB Award.jpg
   Invisible Songbird
  Voted Best New Age Album of 2018 according             to the website 

"To say this album lives out its title is an understatement . . . one of Adorney's most purposeful and creative albums to date."

 ~ Michael Debbage,

  Toward a Gentle Place 

To read about the origin of this song, click on the Music/Behind the Music tab at the top of this page

Dear friends,
Since its release in 2009, I have received many heartfelt emails from people who have been touched by this song during a time of difficulty in their life. Hearing these comments has inspired me to give the song away to anyone who thinks that they, or someone they know or love, would be comforted by its message.
And so I invite you to help yourself to this free download. You can listen to the song by hitting the play button in the blue box just to the left of here. To download an mp3 of the track, click the red down-pointing arrow near the top right of the blue box.
I have also created an accompanying video for the song, with versions featuring onscreen text in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese (with more to come).The video features beautiful nature photography by my brother, Thom Adorney. You can view the video by clicking below. Enjoy!   

You Matter by Len Plick


I created this video for a beautiful song written by my friend and fellow music therapist, Len Plick. "You Matter" is a heartfelt plea for us all to recognize the value of each and every human being. Making the video was a wonderful experience for me - seeing all the variety and beauty of our human family. Enjoy,
and please pass it on!  ~ John

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