Dear friends,

First, I want to thank all of you who contributed to making A Silver Thread - it wouldn't have been possible without you!

When I recorded the first volume of Toward a Gentle Place in 2017,

I had in the back of my mind that it would be the first part of a 3-album trilogy. With the continued down time due to the coronavirus, I've been able to continue spending long hours working on the 13 new tracks for 

The Touch•Stone. Like the first two volumes, the goal of the music is to uplift, enrich and comfort the listener. 

  The Goal: $7,000   Received so far from 56 contributors: $7,661! Thank You! 

   (BTW - if we go over the goal, the funds will help my planned holiday album get started)


  There are some VERY new elements to this campaign -                    so please read all the way through!

Usually, when I've done a campaign, the gift categories build upon one another. This time, I'm doing something different: offering several gifts as "add-on" items. This means that, in addition to receiving the music as mp3s and/or as a CD, you can also choose additional gift items as "add-ons." 

I don't want anyone to be excluded, so if you don't see a category that you like, you

can contribute whatever amount you feel comfortable with. Just email me and tell me what you would like in return for your contribution (as long as it's reasonable!). 


Here's what's being offered for your contributions:


$18 – For a contribution of $18, you'll receive high-quality mp3s of the 13 tracks,              plus a pdf of the CD artwork.

                                                Make the $18 contribution:  

$28 – For a contribution of $28, you'll receive a hard copy of the CD and the mp3s.

             Make the $28 contribution (US):                International ($35USD):

$33 – For a contribution of $33, you'll receive the mp3s and a signed copy of the CD.                Make the $33 contribution (US):                International ($42USD):

   (INTERNATIONAL CDs will be sent with only the disc and artwork - no plastic case).   

$250 – For a contribution of $250, you will receive the CD, the mp3s AND all of the gifts in the "add-on" section. Plus, you will be listed in the liner notes of the album as someone who helped make this project possible.        

                                             Make the $250 contribution:  

$500 +For a contribution of $500 or more, you will be an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the album, and be listed as such in the liner notes of the album. You will also have early access to new music that I'm working on, and you'll receive ALL of the gift items.

                                          Make the $500 contribution:


$20 – For a contribution of $20, you'll receive a DOWNLOAD OF THE LIVE CONCERT I did with guest musicians at BORDERS Books & Music in 1999. It's a fairly well-recorded home movie, and the concert features the pieces The Gift, Beckoning, Celebration, Dance of the Moon and Stars, Neverending, All Is Well, When Will I See You Again, The Gathering and Moving On.  

                                             Make the $20 contribution:   

$25 – For a contribution of $25, you'll receive a pdf of PIANO SHEET MUSIC for 21 pieces selected from my various albums (including this upcoming album). This gift is for those of you who read piano music, or if you have a friend that you think would enjoy it. The scores reflect the exact piano parts I played on each piece.

                                             Make the $25 contribution:

$30 – For a contribution of $30, you'll receive a link to a new 45-60 minute

GUITAR TUTORIAL showcasing the guitars, the playing techniques, and some recording tips that I use when recording guitar. 

                                             Make the $30 contribution:

$60 – For a contribution of $60, you'll be a member of the OUTTAKES CLUB (not

available for previous members). Each month you'll receive an mp3 and description of a piece that I've composed but have never put onto an album. These pieces are CD-quality, but for one reason or another, they did not find a place on one of my CDs.

                                             Make the $60 contribution:

$90 – For a contribution of $90, you can do a ONE-HOUR LESSON with me via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom for guitar, keyboard, cello, or dulcimer. The session could also be focused on music therapy, recording, arranging or production techniques.

                                             Make the $90 contribution:

$ DONATE ANY AMOUNT  Make your own contribution offer and suggest what you would like to receive for that amount. Just email me with your gift request through the Contact tab above, and if I think your gift request is reasonable, it's a go! 

OR, if you'd like items from more than one gift category, but would like to make only one payment, you can use this button also. For example, if you want the mp3s ($18), the piano score book ($20) and the guitar tutorial video ($30), just add them up ($68) and set your contribution about at $68 when you click on the button below. Then, send me an email detailing which items you want.


                      If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

                    Set your own amount contribution: 

Thank you for being a part of making

The TouchStone!

~ John