A Silver Thread

Toward a Gentle Place - volume 2

This campaign is a bit different!  

Dear friends,

First, I want to thank you all who contributed to making A Silver Thread possible. The campaign raised $4,000 from 42 generous contributors.

I'm very excited about this new album. I was planning on releasing it

next year, but with the lockdown due to the coronavirus, I was able to

spend long hours for the past few months working on the music. 

Like the first volume, the goal of the music is to uplift and comfort the listener, and I think this is an ideal time for it to be completed.

Once again, I'll need your help to make it possible – but I'm aware that many people have suffered financial hardship due to the virus, so I'm making it a "contribute what you can" campaign. There is no "goal" amount we're aiming for.

*And if any of the following amounts are too much – even the lowest categories – please go to the "DONATE ANY AMOUNT" button and contribute whatever you can.

Also, many of you have participated in my past campaigns (Thank you!) and I'm running out of ideas for gifts. So other than the few

basic categories, I'm letting you contribute whatever amount you feel comfortable with, and I'm letting you tell me what you would

like in turn for your contribution (as long as it's reasonable!).


  The campaign will be run right here through my website. 

Here's what's being offered for your contributions:

$18 – For a contribution of $12, you'll receive high-quality mp3s of                the 14 tracks, plus a pdf of the CD artwork.


               Make the $12 contribution:

$28 – For a contribution of $28, you'll receive a hard copy of the CD and the mp3s.


               Make the $28 contribution (within the US): 

                       International ($40USD):

$33 – For a contribution of $33, you'll receive the mp3s and a                           signed copy of the CD.

               Make the $33 contribution (within the US):


                        International ($45USD):

$? DONATE ANY AMOUNT  Make your own contribution offer and suggest what you would like to receive for that amount. If I think your gift request is reasonable, it's a go!

(Email me with your gift request through the Contact tab above)

   Set your own amount contribution: 

Thank you for being a part of making

A Silver Thread

Toward a Gentle Place, Volume 2!

~ John