John's Solo Album #12

The campaign has begun!  Our goal:  $7,000 

      So far we've received $8,796 from 58 contributors! Thank you!

Dear friends,

I'm very excited about the new album I've been working on – it does not have any title yet, but I'm preparing 14 new pieces for it. I've begun the process of recording all the live instruments, and I'm planning on including some vocals from Daya and I've already recorded some great guest instrumental performances on flute, oboe and recorder.

Once again, I'll need your help to make it possible . . . 

Many of you have participated in my past campaigns, and I can't thank you enough – this CD-making business wouldn't be possible without your patronage.      Thank you!


The campaign will be run right here through my website. I've come up with contribution categories that don't leave anyone out (there's always the "create your own" category). And for those of you who have participated in the past, there are some new gifts that you'll hopefully find attractive – so please read through the categories below carefully – there are quite a few options!

Here's what's being offered for your contributions:

$18 – For a contribution of $18, you'll receive high-quality mp3s of                the 14 tracks, plus a pdf of the CD artwork.


               Make the $18 contribution:

$28 – For a contribution of $28, you'll receive a hard copy of the CD.


               Make the $28 contribution (within the US): 

                       International ($40):

$38 – For a contribution of $38, you'll receive the mp3s and a                           signed copy of the CD.

               Make the $38 contribution (within the US):


                        International ($50USD):

$? - BE CREATIVE!  Make your own contribution offer and suggest what you would like to receive for that amount. If I think your offer and request are reasonable, it's a go! (I'll create

a special "donate" button just for you for that amount.)

(Email John with your contribution offer through the Contact tab above)

$80 - While I was working on this album I videoed some of the sessions. For a contribution of $80you'll receive the mp3s and CD, plus a link to the video of me working in the studio and discussing some of the processes involved in making the album.

               Make the $80 contribution: 

               International ($90 USD)

$130* (NEW!) – Since this will be my 12th solo CD, for a contribution of $130 you will receive a 2020 wall calendar with the cover of one of my 12 albums representing each month. There will also be some text each month in which I talk a little about the making of that CD. You'll also receive all the rewards from previous categories.

               Make the $130 contribution (within the US):

                      International ($145USD):  

$220*  (NEW!)    People are often interested in how a piece develops over time. As I'm working on each piece, I periodically make records of it, so I end up with 10 or more versions of the track as it evolves. For a contribution of $220, you will receive 5 or 6 mp3s with versions of any one piece from this new album. You'll be able to see how the piece started, and then how it developed

step-by-step into the final recording. You'll also receive all the gifts from previous categories.

               Make the $220 contribution (US):

                     International ($230USD):

$350 - In addition to all of the gifts above, you will be listed in the liner notes of the album as being a major contributor to the project. 

               Make the $350 contribution (US and International) :

$450 - For your contribution of $450, you will be able to have a one-hour Skype (FaceTime or WhatsApp) session with John to discuss anything of your choice: have a music lesson for you or a child/friend/spouse; get advice on your own music; get a consultation on music therapy for a loved one, etc. And of course, you'll receive all the gifts from the previous categories.

      Make the $450 contribution (US and International): 

$1,000 - You are an Executive Producer of the album! You'll be listed in the liner notes as such, and of course,  you'll receive all the gifts from the other categories. Thank you!

              Make the $1,000 contribution (US and International):

Thank you for being a part of making

John's Album #12!

(title coming soon)