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Dear friends - 

I'm very excited about this new music and I can't wait to share it with you! I've been working on these 15 tracks for more than two years, and it's finally getting close to being done.

I have received requests from several people  asking how they can help with financing the album.

As you probably know, most creative projects these days rely on the support of people who believe in the project and who would like to see it come to fruition.

If you contribute toward the campaign, of course you'll receive something in return. Below you'll find the

categories for contributions at different levels. When you click on a button for an amount, you will be directed to PayPal where your payment will be processed unless otherwise indicated. 


   * NOTE:  I've added a "make your own" donation category where you suggest the amount and gift. Don't feel limited by the existing categories!

              Help make Before the Setting Sun possible!

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Here's what your contributions go toward:

  •   Manufacturing

  •   Mixing and mastering the CD (my son Nathan is helping with the mixing)

  •   The artwork

  •   Paying the hired musicians ( flute, oboe and bamboo flute)

And now for the rewards  . . . and please keep in mind that you'll be paying more for the album by contributing here, but the higher amounts are to help fund the album - plus the fact that this album includes 16 tracks and is over 67 minutes long, the most I've ever included on a recording!

For a contribution of:

$20: You'll receive high-quality mp3s of the 15 tracks and a jpeg of the artwork:

$30 ($35 International): You'll receive a hard copy of the CD:                           International:

             * Please note that international orders will be mailed as a "card" with the CD and artwork (no plastic jewel case). You'll also receive a link to a video on how to install a CD and artwork into a jewel case. This saves me from spending long hours in line at the Post Office. 

$40 ($45 International): You'll receive a signed (by John) copy of the CD, PLUS the mp3s:



$ Name that reward! - If you'd like to donate an amount that's not included in any of the categories, you can make a contribution (under $100) by clicking the button below and setting the amount. You can email me through the CONTACT tab above if there is something specific you would like for your donation. If you are contributing $100 or more, don't use the button below - please write to me we'll discuss what reward/s you would like and how to make your payment.

                                                 Set your amount here: 

$100 - You'll receive everything in the $40 category, PLUS access to a video in which I take one piece from the album, and show how it developed from start to finish.

             Make your $100 donation: 

*For the following categories, please contact me via email for payment options:

$250 - You will be listed in the CD liner notes under the heading "This CD was made possible by the generous contribution of . . . ." Also, you can choose a track of your choice from the album, and I will take you inside that piece via your own personal hour-long Zoom/Facetime/Skype session. You'll also be receiving a signed copy of the CD and the mp3s.

$500 - You are an Executive Producer of the CD! You'll be credited accordingly in the liner notes - plus you can contact me anytime regarding anything music-related. And of course, you'll receive all of the gifts listed above.

                             Thank you!

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